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German Made Barometer / Thermometer circa 1940's
German Made Barometer / Thermometer circa 1940's
A German made,working, thermometer probably from around the 1940's, from the design
of the stepped wooden mount. 3 steps at the base and 2 steps at the top. There is a
small scuff to the surface varnish on the left of the mercury thermometer. The barometer
and thermometer are mounted on white metal in very good condition. There is an
impressed mark on the reverse into the wooeden mount "400".
The base is 33cm high and 14cm wide. The whole piece weighs 700g.

£55 inc postage in UK.
"Schulz" Thermometer / Barometer
"Schulz" Thermometer / Barometer
611 Schulz Thermometer / Barometer. Probably 1040's looking at the design.
This German Barometer has chrome frames to the glass fronted barometer and the
Thermometer / humidity cases. Mounted on a 24cm x 14cm , stepped wooden frame in
a light coloured and varnished wood. 2 original hangers on the back. Weighs 630g
Cost £38 inc postage in UK